Ringing & tagging

If you have found or read one of our rings on a Gull-billed tern we would be happy to receive a report from you by email, most welcomed with photos for evaluation. In return you will receive a summarized life-history report of the observed individual (PDF).

This is how we tag Gull-billed Terns in the project:

First we deploy a metal ring on the left Tibia (the upper part of the leg) provided by the responsible Bird Ringing Centre, Institute of Avian Research in Wilhelmshaven, aka „Vogelwarte Helgoland“. The inscription on those rings says „Helgoland“ and a 7-digit number like 6417372.

Moreover we deploy colour and coderings which allow to recognize any bird as an individual from a reasonable digiscope or camera distance. Until 2018 we used 4 small single-coloured rings with no inscription, compiling the encoding by the combination of colours. Now we use white plastic rings with a 3-digit black inscription.

Juvenile "R28" of the 2021 cohort     (Photos: Renate Visscher)

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