This gallery features some masterpieces of bird photography. The art of the photographer lies in understanding the ways of the birds and thereby finding "the right moment" so that each picture may tell a story without words.

Depicted are the Gull-billed Terns from the Neufelderkoog-colony on their feeding grounds in Germany (Neufeld harbour) and the Netherlands (Groningen and Noord-Holland) exclusively. No photos were taken at nests or near the colony.

Gallery of Fred Visscher

Gallery of Renate Visscher


The photographers retain all copyrights. Title photo by Fred Visscher.


More info on the relation between Gull-billed Terns and the Visschers (in Dutch):

Kerstin Dorrestijn (2021): De Lachsteern heeft een echte lach. Landschaap Noord-Holland 48(3): 22-23. PDF

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