After the first complete nest count on June 4th (revealing 34 nests) 8 new nests have been started, the latest on June 15th. The total nest number now stands at 42. Douglas Adams would have liked this too.

Nest tags helped to distinguish known nests (tagged and counted) from new nests (not tagged, not counted).

Predators at the colony


Since early May our trailcameras have been recording the presence of predators at the colony. Every night a number of species are active very close to the actual colony site such as Fox, Stone Marten, Raccoon Dogs and Brown Rats.

In todays man-made landscapes electric fences are a keyfactor for reproductive success in ground breeding birds because they separate predators from vulnerable prey and precious conservation objects while not killing any of those. We have been using fencing methods since 2011 and learned over time that breeding success outside of fence-protected areas is usually close to zero.

Hatching starts!


Today the first chicks of the season made their way out of the shells into this world. Welcome, and good luck!

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