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On April 23rd the first two Gull-billed terns of the year have been spotted in Lower Saxony close to the River Elbe dike, about one week later than in previous years. The observation was found on www.ornitho.de.


After coming back to the River Elbe estuary Gull-billed terns usually spend the first 2-3 weeks on the Lower Saxony side of the River Elbe where food conditions are significantly better than on the Schleswig-Holstein side. For breeding they will switch riversides again because suitable breeding habitat is currently available only in Dithmarschen.

Starting the tern season


From May 3rd on we will be present at the colony site. First we will be installing the electric fences and get the caravans out for our wardens so that the foundation of the colony will go on safely and undisturbed over the next weeks to follow.

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